I’ve been away for a while…reflecting on things going on in my life. Some good some not so good…

Well today as I read my newsfeed..checked my emails…answered voicemails..I heard it…a whisper…Slow down my dear….there’s no need to take on the world the world will take on it’s self.

I thought to myself how true this statement is. I am only one and you are so so many!

Today I’m going to take the time for me..I know that may sound selfish to you but if you only knew half of what I have endured these past two years you’d do the same.

I love my children with all my heart but there come a time when you just have to step back and let them experience the life lessons they have created..

I had and have set goals for myself but it seems I’ve let everyone else push them aside…

Time is of the essence you never know what or when you’re going to be called away so take time for yourself and just enjoy life.

Don’t sweat the small stuff because it’s just that… small. Live life like it’s your last day but make memories to pass on…..I try to make at least one memory a day…..just ask my grandson.

Today my memory is that of a sad one…my grandson is sitting on my sofa crying asking why they couldn’t fix what was wrong with his brain..he is ADDHA.

I leaned over him holding him in my arms reassuring him that Mamaw will try and fix it.

We spent the rest of our day just doing what grandma’s do with their grandchildren..keeping his little mind off of all his woe’s in his life.


Until tomorrow..peace be with you and your family.



About Caruthers Family History

We are all passionate about where we came from and where we're going. We set this website/blog up so we can all share our family stories along with the history for future generations.
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