1862 Richard was sent to Oil City Venango County Pennsylvania where their last child was born by the name of Richard Lincoln ‘Link’ Caruthers on October 29th. It’s all in the name. Family stories passed down through generations is that ‘Link’ was named after President Abraham Lincoln. As you read on you will understand why…


Then on to Clarion District for four years. Now Richard always taught his family to respect and honor the Sabbath Day. To try to live as upright honorable citizen. When the Civil War broke out he had just been appointed as presiding elder of the Clarion District.

Clarion County Penns

Now Richard was a fearless Republican, the other side called him a ‘black’ Republican because he was against slavery. While going his rounds he ‘got into it’ quite often with “Copperheads” and others who he felt were traitors to the government. He was brave as well as a fearless preacher.

On one particular camp meeting in his district Richard let it be known he was going to preach on ‘Loyalty to your country and government’. The word went out and his enemies came prepared to ‘do him up’. They brought their ammunition with them, a whole farm-wagon full. When he began his sermon they all made ready for him. A stray missile came occasionally, but as he warmed to his subjects they came faster and faster.

The preacher had to dodge the issue quite frequently but he stood his ground and finished his discourse without a wound. The next day there was found scattered all around the preacher’s tent and on the platform, previsions enough to last the campers several days….cabbage, potatoes, turnips, beets and squash. It did not come as ‘manna’ but it proved to be ‘manna’ to the camp folks.

CLARION COUNTY PENNS -2                                                         Clarion County Pennsylvania

While in Clarion County Richard received a letter from then President Abraham Lincoln in 1864 commending him and the other Methodist ministers on their work in spreading the gospel though the land. The original ‘form’ letter is housed at the Library of Congress in Washington DC…..


The letter belonging to Richard was passed down to his granddaughter Laura Clarissa Caruthers Crawford. She in turn passed it on to her son Donald Wayne Crawford.While I was doing my research in the Osborne County area I did find a little write up in the Osborne County Farmer….

In 1914 an article in the Osborne County Farmer reads as such…

1914 lincoln letter

Richard would stay in New Wilmington Lawrence County Pennsylvania for three years becoming a presiding elder of the Clarion District.

Then off to Kansas again for an inspection at Baldwin, Douglas County Kansas. While in Douglas County Richard purchased twenty acres from Sheldon and Marie Parker on April 16, 1868 for six hundred dollars. Richard then set out to return to New Wilmington, Lawrence County Pennsylvania. Then in September of 1869 while in Oil City Pennsylvania Richard bought another twenty acres from Phebe and Thomas Smith for sixty dollars again in Douglas County Kansas.

Richard and his family would stay in Oil City for a year until he is sent to Pomfet, Chautauqua County New York in 1870. According to the 1870 Federal Census Richard is now fifty years old listed as a clergyman with $8900.00 worth of real-estate along with $500.00 in personal property.

1871 Richard is made Presiding Elder of Erie Conference Fredonia District for three years, location Fredonia, Chautauqua County New York. Here my 2x Great Grandfather Thomas George Caruthers would become a New York Fireman at the age of twenty-one.

Methodist Episcopal Church Fredonia New York2Thomas George as a New York Fireman 1870

New York Methodist Church and Thomas George Caruthers New York Fireman.

Well all good things must come to an end but not for long….I promise I will be back to continue or families stories and history…..



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  1. Andrew Brown says:

    Thank you this is a great story — I am descendant of Mary “Lizzie” Caruthers. I am her great grandson. My grandmother was her daughter Ida Mae McColl daughter to Wesley Ray McColl. My grandmother could remember her granddad giving the Sermons. Especially one on God Hates a Coward.

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